cost of crowns in india

Cost of Dental Crowns varies depending on the type of crown selected, quality of material, place/location. Like for example cost of dental crowns in US/ Canada may be as high as one lakh INR while the same crown in India would could you around 10000/-.

To understand the costing you will have to understand different types of crowns.

  1. Metal Crowns – Made of stainless steel type of alloy. Can only be given in posterior teeth as they are not tooth-colored. They are high strength crowns while being the cheapest of the lot. 
  2. Metal Ceramic Crowns– Innermost portion is made of metal alloy and the outermost surface is made of ceramic. As they are tooth-colored they can be given both in front as well as the posterior region. They are also pocket friendly but as compared to others they are in the weakest category.
  3. All-Ceramic Crowns– They are tooth-colored crowns with zero metal content. They can be matched to a natural tooth and are esthetically most pleasing. They can be prepared from different materials therefore there strength would vary. Generally, they have high strength and are inert in nature.

Zirconia and Alumina are two one of the hardest material added to increase the strength of all-ceramic crowns. 

These crowns are prepared in dental labs. These labs can be a local lab or maybe from a multinational company. Some of the brands for crowns 3M, Dentsply, Ivoclar, GC. Bruxzir etc. GC is a Japanese brand while 3M is an American brand. These companies offer free replacement warranty applicable in most of the countries around the world. While Local labs will offer warranty only with the same dentist who had done the treatment.

The cost of metal crowns may range from 2000/- to 5000/- in India while it may cost around 10 to 20 thousand in the US or Canada. 

Cost of Metal Ceramic crowns range from 3000/- to 8000/- in India while its cost varies depending on the country of origin.

The cost of All-Ceramic crowns ranges from 7000/- to 20000/- in India. 7000/- crowns are generally from local labs with free replacement warranty up to 5 to 10 years. The same crown without the warranty can be cheaper than 7000/-. While branded crowns may cost around 8000/- to 20000/- India. While the same brand crowns fabricated in the US or Canada can be as high as 100000/-. That 10 times more as compared to India.

The latest CAD-CAM crowns are more expensive than the regular way of crown fibrication. The CAD-CAM machine is very expensive costing around 20 lakhs for the chairside scanning the instrument to around 80 Lakhs for the fibrication/ milling unit.

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